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The Department's main objectives are the systematic study of the environment related with the Conservation of the Natural Environment, the Management of Land Uses and the Rational Use and Management of Natural Resources. The purpose is to prepare scientists able to study, understand and take care of the protection of natural environment and the management of land uses. The final goal is the rational and sustainable management and use of natural resources, the confrontation of environmental problems and the consideration of Nature Conservation and the Management in Natural, Urban and Rural areas.

Being a fairly new Department, it aims to acquire additional outstanding research and teaching staff, expand its research activities, develop new ideas in environmental management and continuously evaluate and improve its curriculum.

The purpose of establishing and operating the Department was the promotion of environmental science, with particular emphasis on management of the environment and natural resources, the training of scientists capable of studying, to investigate (and applied academic teaching and research), to understand and to apply modern methods to improve the protection and management of natural and man-made environment and knowledge of use of modern technologies for addressing environmental problems.

The aim of the Department is to provide a comprehensive program for undergraduate education, with two main directions (Natural Environment Protection and management of land use) and in the near future and post-graduate education, to monitor and respond both to international developments in the scientific area, but and the needs and characteristics study the problems of protection and planning management areas and natural resources with sustainable-integrated approach. Since 1999 the Department of Environmental Management and Natural Resources is developing dynamically. It currently has a full program of undergraduate studies recently adapted to modern requirements-needs of scientists who will be the managers of the environment in the future.

The department currently has twenty-one (21) elected members Teaching and Research Staff (Us), being also supported by an adequate number of visiting proffesors. Furthemore, it is aslo assisted by more than twenty doctoral candidates.

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