George Kehayias

Assistant Professor in Aquatic Ecosystems
Phone: +30 264107-4136
E-mail: gkechagi [at] upatras [dot] gr
Short CV


Undergraduated Studies: Department of Biology, University of Patra (1991)
Postgraduated Studies: Department of Biology, University of Patra (1996)
Ph.D. Thesis: Contribution in the study of the biology and ecology of chaetognaths in Greek waters
Supervisor: Assist. Prof. N. Fragopoulu


Scopus:41, h=10, citations>280


  • Aquatic Ecosystems - University of Ioannina Publ., 368 pp.
  • General Zoology. - University of Ioannina Publ., 329 pp.
  • Introduction to Entomology. - University of Ioannina Publ., 278 pp.


Selected Publications

  • KEHAYIAS G. 2015. Spatial and temporal variation of Branchiostoma lanceolatum larvae (Cephalochordata) in a hypoxic bay. Biologia (in press)
  • SPIROPOULOU I, KARAMANIS D, KEHAYIAS G. 2015. Offshore wind farms development in relation to environmental protected areas. Sustainable Cities & Society (
  • ECONOMOU CH.N, MARINAKIS N, MOUSTAKA-GOUNI M, KEHAYIAS G, AGGELIS G, VAYENAS D.V. 2015. Lipid production by the filamentous cyanobacterium Limnothrix sp. growing on a synthetic wastewater in suspended and attached growth photobioreactor systems. Annals of Microbiology, DOI 10.1007/s13213-014-1032-7
  • KEHAYIAS G, APOSPORIS M. 2014. Zooplankton variation in relation to hydrology in an enclosed hypoxic bay (Amvrakikos Gulf, Greece). Medit. Mar.Sci. 15/3, 554-568
  • CHALKIA E, KEHAYIAS G. 2013. Zooplankton and environmental factors of a recovering eutrophic lake (Lysimachia Lake, Western Greece). Biologia 68/3: 459-469
  • GIANNI Α, ZAMPARAS Μ, PAPADAS Ι, KEHAYIAS G, DELIGIANNAKIS Y, ZACHARIAS I. 2013. Monitoring and modeling of metal concentration distributions in anoxic basins: Aitoliko lagoon-Greece. Aquatic Geochemistry, 19(1): 77-95
  • KEHAYIAS G, RAMFOS A, NTZIALAS P, IOANNOU S, BISOUKI P, KYRTZOGLOU E, GIANNI A, ZACHARIAS I. 2013. Zooplankton variation in a deep and anoxic Mediterranean lagoon. Medit. Mar.Sci., 14(1): 179-192
  • CHALKIA E, ZACHARIAS I, THOMATOU A, KEHAYIAS G. 2012. Zooplankton dynamics in a gypsum karst lake and interrelation with the abiotic environment. Biologia, 67(1): 151-163


Research Interests

  • Elements on the biology and ecology of planktonic invertebrates in marine and inland waters of Greece
  • Distribution and temporal variation of abiotic elements in various aquatic ecosystems of W. Greece
  • The role of abiotic elements in the spatial and temporal distribution of aquatic species
  • Feeding of planktivorous fish species
  • Studies on the phototactic behavior of marine and freshwater zooplankton



Ecology & Population Dynamics
Aquatic Ecosystems & Management


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