Maria Papadaki

Professor of Environmental Chemistry & Environmental Processes
Phone: +30 246107-4184
E-mail: marpapadaki [at] upatras [dot] gr
Extended CV


Undergraduated Studies: Chemical Engineering Department, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece (1985)
Postgraduated Studies: Chemical Engineering Department, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece (1992)
Ph.D. Thesis: An Absolute Method for the Measurement of Viscosity of Liquids
Supervisor: Prof. M. Assael


Selected Publications

  • ZHE HAN, S.SACHDEVA, M. I. PAPADAKI, M. SAM MANNAN, Ammonium nitrate thermal decomposition with additives, Journal of Loss Prevention in the Process Industries, 35, (2015), PAGES 307-315
  • ADAMOPOULOU T, PAPADAKI MI, KOUNALAKIS M, VASQUEZ-CARRETO V, PINEDA –SOLANO A, WANG Q & MANNAN MS. 2013. Thermal decomposition of hydroxylamine: Isoperibolic calorimetric measurements at different conditions. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 254- 255: 382- 389
  • SAENZ LR, CARRETO-VAZQUEZ VH, ROGERS WJ, PAPADAKI M, MANNAN MS. 2012. Thermal decomposition of 2-methylpyridine N-oxide: Effect of temperature and influence of phosphotungstic acid as the catalyst. Catal.Commun., 12(14): 1370-1373
  • TRIANTAFYLLIDIS V, HELA D, PAPADAKI M, BILALIS D, KONSTANTINOU I. 2012. Evaluation of mobility and dissipation of mefenoxam and pendimethalin by application of CSTR model and field experiments using bare and tobacco tilled soil columns. Water, Air and Soil Pollution, (in press)
  • SKOUTELIS CG, VLASTOS D, KORTSINIDOU MC, THEODORIDIS IT &PAPADAKI MI. 2011. Induction of micronuclei by 2-hydroxypyridine in water and elimination of solution genotoxicity by UVC (254 nm) photolysis. J. Hazardous Materials, 197: 137-143
  • VLASTOS D, SKOUTELIS CG, THEODORIDIS IT, STAPLETON DR&PAPADAKI MI. 2010. Genotoxicity study of photolytically treated 2-chloropyridine aqueous solutions. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 117: 892-898
  • STAPLETON DR, KONSTANTINOU I, MANTZAVINOS D, HELA DG & PAPADAKI M. 2010. On the kinetics and mechanisms of photolytic/TiO2-photocatalytic degradation"of substituted pyridines in aqueous solutions. Applied Catalysis B: Env., 95: 100–109


Research Interests

  • Process safety and runaway reactions
  • Kinetic studies of complex industrial reactive processes
  • Process risk nalysis
  • Calorimetry
  • Chemical reactor Design
  • Catalysis
  • Advanced oxidation processes



Environmental Chemistry- Geochemistry
Mass and energy balances
Physical Chemistry
Catalytic processes - Safety & environment
Environmental Pollution Control


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