Dimitrios Karamanis

Professor of Alternative Energy Sources
Phone: +30 246107-4210
E-mail: dkaraman [at] upatras [dot] gr
Extended CV


Undergraduated Studies: Department of Physics, University of Ioannina (1990)
Postgraduated Studies: Department of Physics, University of Ioannina (1997)
Ph.D. Thesis: A study on radioactive pollutants binding by pillared layered clays
Supervisor: Prof. P.A. Assimakopoulos

Scopus: 167, h=30, citations>2500

Selected Publications

  • Vardoulakis Ε., D. Karamanis, M.N. Assimakopoulos, G. Mihalakakou. Solar cooling with aluminium pillared clays. 2011. Sol Ener Mater & Sol Cells 95, 2363-2370.
  • Karamanis D. Management of moderate wind energy coastal resources. 2011. Ener Conver Man 52, 2623-2628.
  • Karamanis D., K. Ioannides, K. Stamoulis. Environmental assessment of natural radionuclides and heavy metals in waters discharged from a lignite-fired power plant, 2009. Fuel 88, 2046-2052.
  • Karamanis D., M. Petit, S. Andriamonje, G. Barreau, M. Bercion, A. Billebaud, B. Blank, S. Czajkowski, R. Del Moral, G. Giovinazzo, V. Lacoste, C. Marchand, L. Perrot, M. Pravikoff, J.C. Thomas. Neutron radiative capture cross section of 232Th in the energy range from 0.06 to 2 MeV. 2001. Nucl Sci & Engin 139, 282-293.
  • Karamanis D., X.A. Aslanoglou, P.A. Assimakopoulos, N.H. Gangas, A.A. Pakou, N. Papayanakos An aluminum pillared montmorillonite with fast uptake of strontium and caesium from aqueous solutions. 1997. Clays & Clay Min 45, 709-717.
  • Assimakopoulos P.A., K.G. Ioannides, D. Karamanis, A.A. Pakou, K.C. Stamoulis, A. Vayonakis, E. Veltsos ,Time dependence of the transfer factor of 137Cs from surface soil to plants. 1993. Sci Tot Environ 140, 309-315.


Research Interests

  • Wind potential and wind energy
  • Photovoltaics and solar energy
  • Μaterials and methods of passive cooling
  • Accelerator Driven Systems for energy production, Radiation metrology
  • Environmental impact of energy production and use
  • Applications of renewable energy sources



Environmental Physics Ι
Environment & Energy
Environmental Impact Assessment Studies
Applications of renewable energy sources


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