Maria Panitsa

Assistant Prof. of Flora and Phytogeography
Phone: +30 246107-4187
E-mail: mpanitsa [at] upatras [dot] gr
Short CV


Undergraduated Studies: Department of Biology, University of Patras, (1989)
Postgraduated Studies: Department of Biology, University of Patras (1997)
Ph.D. Thesis: Contribution to the knowledge of the East Aegean islands’ flora and vegetation
Supervisor: Prof. D.Tzanoudakis


Selected Publications

  • NAGENDRA, H., MAIROTA, P., MARANGI, C., TORRI, D., LUCAS, R., DIMOPOULOS, P., HONRADO, J.P., NIPHADKAR, M., MUCHER, C.A., TOMASELLI, V., PANITSA, M., MANAKOS, I., BLONDA P. 2015: Satellite Earth observation data to identify anthropogenic pressures in selected protected areas. International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation 37: 124-132
  • TRIGAS P, PANITSA M, TSIFTSIS S. 2013. Elevational Gradient of Vascular Plant Species Richness and Endemism in Crete - The Effect of Post-Isolation Mountain Uplift on a Continental Island System. PLOS ONE, 8(3): e59425. doi:10.1371
  • SFENTHOURAKIS S, PANITSA M. 2012. From plots to islands: species diversity at different scales. Journal of Biogeography, 39 (4): 750–759
  • DIMOPOULOS P, TSIRIPIDIS I, BERGMEIER E, FOTIADIS G, THEODOROPOULOS K, RAUS T, PANITSA M, KALLIMANIS AS, SÝKORA KV, MUCINA L. 2012. Towards the Hellenic National Vegetation Database: VegHellas. Plant Sociology, 49 (2): 81-87
  • PANITSA M, KOUTSIAS N, TSIRIPIDIS I, ZOTOS A, DIMOPOULOS P. 2011. Species-based versus habitat-based evaluation for conservation status assessment of habitat types in the East Aegean islands (Greece). Journal for Nature Conservation, 19: 269-275
  • PANITSA M, TRIGAS P, IATROU G, SFENTHOURAKIS S. 2010. Factors affecting plant species richness and endemism on land-bridge islands – an example from the East Aegean archipelago. Acta Oecologica - International Journal of Ecology, 36:431-437


Research Interests

  • Study of the Greek flora
  • Vegetation and plant diversity
  • Island biogeography, Structure, dynamics
  • Conservation and management of island ecosystems
  • Plant geography, Plant ecology
  • Habitat types, Estimation and management of the Greek natural environment



Flora Management
Ecology & Nature Protection
Terrestrial Ecosystems’ Management and Restoration
Biodiversity and ecosystems monitoring


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