Vagelis Papadakis

Professor of Physical and Chemical Environmental Processes, Durability and Sustainability of Constructions
Phone: +30 264107-4188
E-mail: vgpapadakis [at] upatras [dot] gr
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Undergraduated Studies: Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Patras, Greece (1986)
Postgraduated Studies: Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Patras, Greece (1990)
Ph.D. Thesis: Investigation of Physicochemical Processes of Hardened Cement Paste Carbonation and of the Effects on the Reinforced Concrete Durability
Supervisor: Prof. C.G. Vayenas



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  • Papadakis, V.G., "Techno-Economical Studies", Departmant of Environmental & Natural Resources management, University of Ioannina, Agrinion, 2007
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  • Papadakis, V.G., "Process & Plant Design", Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Patras, patras 2003
  • Papadakis, V.G., "Supplementary Cementing Materials in Concrete- Activity, Durability, and Planning", Danish Technological Institute, Taastrup, 1999


Selected Publications

  • BADOGIANNIS E, AGGELI E, PAPADAKIS VG, TSIVILIS S. 2015. Evaluation of chloride-penetration resistance of metakaolin concrete by means of a diffusion – binding model and of the k-value concept. Cement and Concrete Composites, 63, 1-7
  • DEMIS S, TAPALI JG, PAPADAKIS VG. 2015. Plant design & economics of rice husk ash exploitation as pozzolanic material. Waste & Biomass Valorization, 6(5), 843-853
  • BHATNAGAR A, KACZALA F, HOGLAND W, MARQUES M, PARASKEVA CA, PAPADAKIS VG, SILLANPÄÄ M. 2014. Valorization of solid waste products from olive oil industry as potential adsorbents for water pollution control - A review. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 21(1): 268-298
  • DEMIS S, EFSTATHIOU MP, PAPADAKIS VG. 2014. Computer-aided modelling of concrete service life. Cement and Concrete Composites, 47: 9-18
  • ANTIOHOS SK, PAPADAKIS VG, TSIMAS S. 2014. Rice husk ash effectiveness in cement and concrete as a function of reactive silica and fineness. Cement and Concrete Research, 61-62: 20-27
  • ZAGKLIS DP, ARVANITI EC, PAPADAKIS VG, PARASKEVA CA. 2013. Sustainability analysis and benchmarking of olive mill wastewater treatment methods. Journal of Chemical Technology & Biotechnology, 88: 742-750
  • TAPALI JG, DEMIS S, PAPADAKIS VG. 2013. Sustainable concrete mix design for a target strength and service life, Computers & Concrete, 12(6): 755-774


Research Interests

  • Physicochemical Processes & Environment: Mathematical modeling and experimental investigation of physical and chemical processes: Porous media characterization, drying, diffusion, reaction engineering, design and analysis of chemical reactors. Heterogeneous catalysis and environmental management: Catalyst preparation, catalytic reaction kinetics, car catalytic converters, catalyst rejuvenation and recycling, management of gas emissions, environmental control and quality. Recycling & exploitation of by-products. Industrial ecology. Techno-economical analysis. Computer simulation
  • Sustainable Develeopment of the Built Environment: Chemistry of cement and additives, concrete technology, concrete durability, environmental effect on buildings and constructions, protection and restoration of building materials and constructions, cement production industries and concrete production plants consultancy. Extended use of industrial by-products (fly ash, slags, biomass ashes, etc.) for a sustainable development of the building sector. Environmental cost and life cycle analysis. Software development and applications



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Environmental Impact Assessment Studies
Techno economical studies
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