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Παναγιώτα Μιχαλακάκου

Michalakakou Panagiota

Professor of Environmental Physics

2nd floor
(+30) 24610-74102
Undergraduated Studies

Dept. of Physis, Univ. of Athens (1986)

Ph.D. Thesis

Heat and mass transfer analysis when an earth-to-air heat exchangers system is used for space cooling

Research Interests
  • Physics of the urban environment : Study of the urban environment mainly focused on the urban heat island effect
  • Physics of the building’s environment and especially: Study of heat and mass transfer in passive cooling applications for buildings, Bioclimatic Architecture and Energy Conscious design, Air Quality in the indoor environment
  • Renewable Energy Sources mainly specialized on solar and wind energy applications
  • Meteorology and Atmospheric physics
Selected Publications
  • SANTAMOURIS M, PARAVANTIS J, FOUNDA D, KOLOKOTSA D, MIHALAKAKOU G, PAPADOPOYLOS A, et al. 2013. Financial crisis and energy consumption: A household survey in Greece pp.477-487, 2013
  • VARDOULAKIS E, KARAMANIS D, ASSIMAKOPOULOS MN, MIHALAKAKOU G. 2011. Solar cooling with aluminium piilared clays. Solar En. Materials & Solar Cells 95: 263-270
  • SPALA A, BAGIORGAS HS, ASSIMAKOPOULOS MN, KALAVROUZIOTIS J, MATTHOPOULOS D & MIHALAKAKOU G. 2008. On the green roof system. Selection, state of the art and energy potential investigation of a system installed in an office building in Athens, Greece. Renewable Energy, 33: 173-177
  • TZAVALI A.,PARAVANTIS J., MIHALAKAKOU G., FOTIADI A., STIGKA E. 2015. Heat Island Intensity-A literature review. Fresenius Environmental Bulletin. In Press
  • STIGKA E., PARAVANTIS J., MIHALAKAKOU G. 2014. Social acceptance of renewable energy sources-A review of contingent evaluation applications. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, v.32,pp100-106