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A student completes his studies in five years and receives the Bachelor of Environmental Sciences after having succeeded in the courses existed in the syllabus and attained the required number of credits. For receiving the B.Sc. the students must attend ten (10) semesters and submit a Diploma thesis. See the analytical list of courses offered.

The number of credits is computed as the sum of the defined credits that the student obtains after successful participation in the exams and the presentation of the diploma thesis. We note that every hourly course corresponds to one credit with additional credits earned during practical courses. The duration of the courses fluctuates from 3 to 4 hours per week.

The courses are divided into two basic units, the compulsory and the optional. The compulsory courses are very important for the main scientific education of the students in the Department. The optional courses are related to the objectives of the Department and the directions of the syllabus. According to the syllabus, the demanded courses contain compulsory courses, while from the fifth semester are supplementary offered a number of courses out of which each student selects several of them.As from the ninth semester onwards the student undertakes the elaboration of a Diploma Thesis, which is an important requirement for receiving his/her Dipl.-Eng & Integrated Master (M.Eng.). By the end of the tenth semester he is obliged to support his thesis in the Department. The Diploma Thesis corresponds to ten semester courses.

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