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The Curriculum of the Environmental Engineering Department has a duration of ten (10) semesters which are mandatory to receive the Diploma. In addition, the Diploma Thesis is mandatory for the successful completion of the undergraduate course. The structure of Environmental Engineering Curriculum includes courses that assure: a) the deep knowledge of the foundamentals of engineering, b) the development of the core courses of the specialty in the whole range of the relevant subject, and c) the high level specialization in environmental knowledge.

In particular, the Curriculum is structured to offer to the undergraduate students thirty-eight (38) compulsory courses, eight (8) compulsory elective courses and an additional twenty-three (23) free elective courses. From the 31 total elective courses students must choose sixteen (16) of which eight (8) are the aforementioned elective compulsory. The Diploma Thesis is considered a compulsory course so that the necessary number of 300 ECTS is completed to obtain the diploma.