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Αγγελική Φωτιάδη

Fotiadi Angeliki

Assistant Professor of Atmospheric Pollution & Climate Change

2nd floor
(+30) 26410-74156
Undergraduated Studies

Department of Physics, University of Ioannina (1993)

Ph.D. Thesis

Biosphere – Atmosphere exchanges of Nitrogen oxides and Isoprene in the Mediterranean region (ESCOMPTE program)

Research Interests
  • Computation and study of the radiation energy budget at global and regional scale
  • Aerosols (natural and anthropogenic) impact on the energy and hydrological budget
  • Climate changes
  • Biosphere – Atmosphere exchanges in terms of energy (latent and sensible heat) and chemical compounds using Micrometeorological techniques
  • Boundary layer
Selected Publications
  • BENAS N., N. HATZIANASTASSIOU, C. MATSOUKAS, A. FOTIADI, N. MIHALOPOULOS, I. VARDAVAS (2011): Aerosol shortwave daily radiative effect and forcing based on MODIS Level 2 data in the Eastern Mediterranean (Crete). Atmospheric Chemistry & Physics, 11, 12647-12662
  • HATZIANASTASSIOU N., C.D. PAPADIMAS, C. MATSOUKAS, K. PAVLAKIS, A. FOTIADI, M. WILD, AND I. VARDAVAS (2012): Recent regional surface solar radiation dimming and brightening patterns: inter-hemispherical asymmetry and a dimming in the Southern Hemisphere. Atmospheric Science Letters, 13: 43–48, DOI: 10.1002/ASL.361
  • VARDOULAKIS E., D. KARAMANIS, A. FOTIADI, G. MIHALAKAKOU, (2013): The urban heat island effect in a small Mediterranean city of high summer temperatures and cooling energy demands, Solar Energy, 94, 128-144
  • PYRINA, M., N. HATZIANASTASSIOU, C. MATSOUKAS, A. FOTIADI, C.D. PAPADIMAS, K. PAVLAKIS, I. VARDAVAS, (2015): Cloud effects on the solar and thermal radiation budgets of the Mediterranean basin, Atmospheric Research, 152, 14-28
  • HOUSSOS E.E., T. CHRONIS, A. FOTIADI, F. HOSSAIN, (2015): Atmospheric Circulation Characteristics Favoring Dust Storm Outbreaks over the Solar Village, Monthly Weather Review, 143, 3263-3275
Curriculum Vitae (CV)
fotiadi_cv_en.pdf (287.19 KB)