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Δημήτρης Καραμάνης

Karamanis Dimitrios

Professor of Alternative Energy Sources

Ground floor
(+30) 26410-74210
Undergraduated Studies

Department of Physics, University of Ioannina (1990)

Ph.D. Thesis

A study on radioactive pollutants binding by pillared layered clays

Research Interests
  • Wind potential and wind energy
  • Photovoltaics and solar energy
  • Μaterials and methods of passive cooling
  • Accelerator Driven Systems for energy production, Radiation metrology
  • Environmental impact of energy production and use
  • Applications of renewable energy sources
Selected Publications
  • N. Skandalos, D. Karamanis, J. Peng, H. Yang, Overall energy assessment and integration optimization process of semitransparent PV glazing technologies, Progress in Photovoltaics: Research and Applications 26, 2018, 473-490
  • V. Kapsalis, D. Karamanis, Solar thermal energy storage and heat pumps with phase change materials, Applied Thermal Engineering 99, 2016, 1212-1224
  • D. Karamanis, E. Kyritsi, S. Krimpalis, Well-ordered nanoporous materials for low-temperature water phase changes and solar evaporative cooling, Sol. Ener. Mater. & Sol. Cells, 139, 2015, 34-43
  • D. Karamanis, C. Tsabaris, K. Stamoulis, D. Georgopoulos, Wind energy resources in the Ionian Sea. Renewable Energy 36, 2011, 815-822
  • D. Karamanis and P.A. Assimakopoulos, Εfficiency of aluminium pillared montmorillonites on the removal of copper and cesium from aqueous solutions. Water Research 41, 2007, 1896-1906
  • D. Karamanis, M. Petit, S. Andriamonje, G. Barreau, M. Bercion, A. Billebaud, B. Blank, S. Czajkowski, R. Del Moral, G. Giovinazzo, V. Lacoste, C. Marchand, L. Perrot, M. Pravikoff, J.C. Thomas. Neutron radiative capture cross section of 232Th in the energy range from 0.06 to 2 MeV. Nucl Sci & Engin 139, 2001, 282-293.
  • P.A. Assimakopoulos, K.G. Ioannides, D. Karamanis, A.A. Pakou, K.C. Stamoulis, A. Vayonakis, E. Veltsos ,Time dependence of the transfer factor of 137Cs from surface soil to plants. Sci Tot Environ 140, 1993, 309-315.