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Faculty Members

Antonopoulou Georgia
Adjunct professor (Chemical Engineering)
(+30) 26410-74203
Antonopoulou Maria
Assistant Professor of Ecology - Natural Environment Management
(+30) 26410-74114
Coutelieris Frank
Professor in Mathematical Modeling of Environmental Systems
(+30) 26410-74196
Fotiadi Angeliki
Assistant Professor of Atmospheric Pollution & Climate Change
(+30) 26410-74156
Karamanis Dimitrios
Professor of Alternative Energy Sources
(+30) 26410-74210
Koutsias Nikolaos
Professor of Environmental Informatics, Remote Sensing and Geographical Information Systems
(+30) 26410-74201
Makridis Sofoklis
Associate Professor of Materials Technology for Energy Applications
(+30) 26410-74224
Papadaki Maria
Professor of Environmental Chemistry & Environmental Processes
(+30) 24610-74184
Papadakis Vagelis
Professor of Physical and Chemical Environmental Processes, Durability and Sustainability of Constructions
(+30) 26410-74188
Tekerlekopoulou Athanasia
Associate Professor of Environmental Engineering with a specialization in Biological Processes of potable water and wastewater
(+30) 26410-74204
Tsiamis Georgios
Associate Professor of Environmental Microbiology
(+30) 26410-74149